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Dr. Giovanni Gregori, Theoretical Physicist. Italy

“Cold Sun” is an important contribution for understanding and facing the environmental challenge, in its multi-faceted and often disquieting manifestations. John Casey approaches problems like a true scientist, who follows Leonardo da Vinci, and he also knows how to explain concepts in a form that anyone can understand.

In his book, “Cold Sun,” John Casey stands against conventional climate change dogma and gives us an objective and important view of why the Earth’s climate varies. He has my admiration because, like Leonardo, he uses observations of the natural world to guide him to sound conclusions of how our Earth and Sun seemingly interact.”   

 Dr. Natarajan Venkatanathan, Professor of Physics, SASTRA University, India

"Cold Sun is simply a great work!

It throws new light into the climatic patterns of the Earth. Of course the author’s ideas may be opposed by conventional scientists, but they will have to accept his theory because the truth prevails. I think John’s concepts will help people better understand nature and the full story of what is behind our climate changes.” 

Carole Hemingway (from the book Acknowledgements)

Is today the tomorrow you worried about yesterday?  Then you're holding in your hands the guidebook you need to get through the next three decades, and beyond.  Written by a 21st Century gladiator; John Casey is an assured writer with a great gift for research.  Cold Sun is a spellbinding look into our future; dark, sweeping, and written with grace and eloquence.

 Set in the present, the book features Mother Nature in all her passionate drama - brash and violent.  Cold Sun is a remarkable whistle-stop tour of what's really going on with climate change. Casey is remarkable!”